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Rowan Bazley, Bruno Diaz, Jameela Stenheden Gordon-King, Amanda Seibæk, Leon Scott-Engel, Aaron Rigal, Purdey Williams

“To maintain circles there must be an engine running them, running the separated spirals like growth rings in trees, they remake themselves every year and within another ring comes more space and room to fill with stuff of importance. With the continuation of the rings for just some time you step aside and watch” (From Cirkel by Amanda Seibaek) Figures in Motion is a collection of works made in the seemingly constant motion of a post-pandemic-art-school, and captures the aspirations of seven artists on the point of entering an artworld which is uncertain and exciting. As Amanda Seibæk writes in her poem Cirkel, “all I have ever done is living in constant motion”. The desire to capture something which is temporary and fast moving is something Photographer Eadweard Muybridge was doing when he published The Human Figure in Motion in 1879, in which people running fighting or jumping were photographed against gridded backgrounds, with the intention that the workings of the body could be studied and enjoyed. Just like how a parent might want to take photos of their children or celebrate their first day at school, life is full of moments where we are rewarded if we stop and look at how quickly everything is moving around us, how much we might have grown.

Written by Rowan Bazley

“Do Not Take Risks” 2021, oil on blackout blind. “Calendar I” 2022, oil on canvas.

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